UX Testing

Save time and let AI validate your apps UI UX

Validating UI on all screen sizes is time consuming. Sofy's AI enabled UX testing spots issues automatically on all screen sizes.

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UX issues are the most common reason for churn

Permutations of devices and OS versions are exploding

Impossible to find issues on hundreds of devices

Major bottleneck in speeding manual testing

Ensure Material Design or any other principles for your apps' UX - across all devices

Sofy's advanced machine learning identifies the layout of your app using design files, checks it on different devices for form factors, media, buttons, scroll etc and suggests how to improve your UI elements. Save time and let AI validate your UI.

Don't sweat over your branding guidelines, let AI handle that

Checking your company's brand guidelines on hundreds of devices can be tedious. Sofy's intelligence can help spots issues on all devices without human intervention.

Integrations which ensure you never run a QA test yourself

Sofy can ingest design files from your design tools, upload apps from your DevOps pipeline and report issues directly into your issue tracking system using API integrations so you will practically don't have to run manual tests again.

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  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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