Automated Testing

Resilient Test Automation at scale within minutes. Powered by No-Code.

Supercharge your QA team to create automation without writing a single line of code and run on hundreds of devices within minutes.

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Automation Testing requires coding skills

Different tools and environments for different platforms

Higher maintenance cost for running automation

Scripted automation is ad-hoc and time consuming

Reduce time spent on QA by 95% using a No-Code Automation Platform

Sofy's no code test automation can help you create your test automation within minutes with no coding skills. AI is used to improve test automation resiliency. Every member of the team can run those tests on hundreds of devices and gets results in minutes.

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Smart regression powered by AI

Sofy advance machine learning algorithm analyzes every single code changes and determine the tests that are impacted by those changes. Sofy automatically runs regression tests significantly decreasing the test time and increasing test coverage

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Integrate automation as part of your CI/CD pipeline

Enable automation right from your CI/CD pipeline. Sofy integrates with top CI/CD tools and triggers automatic tests on code changes

No more scripting

The fast changing business cases require building and maintaining complicated scripts which become redundant with every few releases. Sofy takes a fresh approach to the problem to simplify this. Now define test cases, do a manual test and let AI replicate that across all devices and releases.

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Surface issues during your development cycle

Fixing an issue is a lot harder once its shipped. Keep up your QA testing with AGILE, run automated tests of specific features as they are developed and save time.

Reports Issues Automatically

Sofy not only runs your tests automatically, it also creates and reports the issues with detailed logs, screenshots and steps to replicate in your project management tool when it detects any issue. Just setup and integrate one time and leave it on auto-pilot.

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  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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