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  • Full-stack
Transforming Your Business with a Full No-Code Stack: Part 1

Editor’s note: This article is the first of a two-part series focused on building full no-code stacks. Stay tuned for the second in this series. IT professionals tend to raise an eyebrow when they hear the phrase no-code. This is because all too many businesses have been bamboozled by a promise of a low-code or […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • Lists
We Analyzed 7 Top Observability Tools: Here’s What We Found

While most organizations say they continuously monitor the health of their systems, they often underinvest in this critical part of the DevOps process. Why? Maybe it’s because monitoring is boring and for years the status quo has sufficed. Monitoring isn’t as collaborative and engaging as planning, with aesthetically pleasing Kanban boards, or as value-driving as […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • iOS 16
Checking in with the iOS 16 Public Beta: What’s New?

We last checked in with iOS 16 back in June, when Apple released the operating system’s first beta during WWDC 2022. Apple previewed quite a few changes with that initial beta, most notably reimagining the iOS lock screen and expanding widget capabilities. Since then, Apple has released a series of betas and—as of last week—a […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • devops
“The Future of Coding is No Coding at All”: On the Past, Present, and Future of No-Code in DevOps

Until recently, participation beyond a certain level in the tech industry has been the domain of individuals with specific backgrounds in coding and software development. These in-demand specialists were (and are) often impacted by company time and resource limitations, setting the stage for many coffee-fueled crunch sessions.  However, the recent introduction of no-code platforms has resulted […] Read more

  • Written By Yusra
  • ci cd
The No-Code Automated Mobile App Testing Platform Checklist

So, you’re considering transitioning into the world of no-code automated mobile app testing.  Good! It’s no secret that the no-code revolution is upon us, and that it’s the obvious answer to the increasingly complex and resource-intensive world of mobile app testing.  Yet every platform in this space is different, and some offer much more ease-of-use, […] Read more

  • Written By Hyder
  • Issue tracking
Gotta Track ‘Em All: Top 10 Issue Tracking Platforms

So, you (or your user base) have encountered the inevitable: An issue. And maybe even a bunch of them. Great! That’s a perfectly natural part of the DevOps cycle. But now you need a way to keep track of them and solve them—you need an issue tracking platform. Lucky for you, there are plenty of them for […] Read more

  • Written By Yusra
  • Android 13
A Tiramisu Surprise: Android 13 Beta 4 Arrives Ahead of Expectations

The final Tiramisu beta arrived on Wednesday. This occurred far ahead of expectations— many developers expected beta 4 to arrive during the third quarter of 2022. This is in part because Google released Android 11 back in September 2020 and Android 12 in October 2021. So, what’s there to say about this brand-new 79 MB […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • XCUITest
Why You Don’t Need XCUITest Anymore: Changes on the Horizon

In 2015, Apple launched XCUITest, a native testing framework for iOS. Apple’s goal was to allow for the automated testing of iOS applications while simultaneously enhancing the testing process as a whole by way of a low-code approach. Integrated in Apple’s IDE as XCode, the XCUITest is built upon XCTest, a pre-existing testing framework meant for the creation and […] Read more

  • Written By Yusra
  • Customer-centricity
DevOps & Customer-Centricity: An Overlooked Key to Success

The end user is an integral part of the development cycle. From providing user stories, to refining requirements and testing, customer validation is a must at each step of the DevOps cycle.   And yet, all too often, the developer-user relationship tends to be neglected until the last minute, resulting in user complaints and missing opportunities. […] Read more

  • Written By Yusra

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